Prevention Education & Outreach

Our VOICE’s Prevention, Education and Outreach Programs are rooted in a belief that sexual violence is a cultural problem, stemming from systemic gender inequalities, oppression and stereotypes; media representations of men and women; homophobia; and a lack of accountability for perpetrators.

Less severe forms of sexual violence, such as sexist jokes or name-calling, are often seen as benign. At Our VOICE, we recognize that these behaviors condone and perpetuate more severe forms of sexual violence like rape. Our programs are aimed at questioning cultural norms, strengthening protective factors, challenging harmful attitudes, and exploring intervention strategies.


Our VOICE provides a wide array of educational and training programs to non-profits, businesses, schools and community groups in Buncombe County.  Programs are tailored to meet the needs of specific groups and address many topics related to sexual violence.

School Age Programs

Dating and Communication programs for middle and high school students (90 minutes)

Climbing Toward Confidence—a girls empowerment program for grades 7-8  (11 weeks)

Shifting Boundaries– an evidence-based, multi-level prevention program for middle school students on bullying, sexual harassment, and precursors to dating violence.

College Programs

Training for Resident Assistant/ Director

Dating and Communication workshops for college students

Trainings For Adults

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace training for both employees and supervisors

Drug-Facilitated Sexual Assault Training for bar owners and bartenders

Dynamics of Sexual Violence – trainings for Professionals—dynamics of sexual violence

Sexual Assault in LGBTQQI Communities – workshops for adults

This is just a sampling of the educational programs offered. Programs can be specially designed for your group. In addition, we table at various community events and fairs in an effort to raise awareness of the issue.

Please call for more information.