Individual Counseling

Develop Your Healing Practice

Our VOICE offers counseling services to residents of Buncombe County, ages 13 and up, regardless of gender identity, ethnicity, socio-economic status, religion, immigration status or sexual identity. We believe that anyone should be able to access counseling services.

We believe that counseling can provide the support and and access to personal resources vital for healing from an experience of sexual violence. These services are beneficial both during crisis periods and  throughout the lifetime of the survivor. Counseling has the potential to improve one’s self-esteem, interpersonal relationships, and patterns of behavior.

Individuals who request counseling are offered up to sixteen (16) individual 50 minute sessions.  There is a one-time $20 administrative fee for counseling, however that fee can be waived or paid in installments.

Counseling is available in English and Spanish.