15th Survivor Art Show Artist’s Bios

Artist Bios

Featured Artist: Anne Heck
Website: www.anneheck.com

Anne Heck is a fiber and mixed-media artist. She began creating dolls to connect with emotion associated with trauma. Mentored by healing doll artist Barb Kobe and inspired by the healing potential of the Native American medicine wheel, Anne embarked on a 7-year doll-making journey to transform her sexual violence experience and to reclaim her power. Anne is a Healing Touch practitioner, she facilitates healing doll workshops as well as empowerment programs for women and girls and has been a featured speaker at a wide range of events where she shares insights about her healing journey. Anne appeared on Good Morning America with Diane Sawyer, has been interviewed by the Washington Post, spoke on the TEDx stage and is a published author. An avid hiker and nature-lover, Anne is often found on the trail with her therapy dog Szoke. You can learn more about Anne and her healing dolls at www.anneheck.com
Artist: Chris Wilhelm 
Artist: Jay Joslin
Website: http://jayjoslin.com
unnamedJay is often described as a person who wears many hats, without enough hat racks. Tonight’s piece is a result of Community Choreography’s May Project, “My Body: My Intimate Companion.” His participation  created breakthroughs on many levels, in particular the ability to recite without script his own spoken word. A lover of awe, Jay seeks out connection and meaning in sensory relationships through poetry, essay, and photography. His photography has been featured in San Francisco’s Exploratorium Museum, he has three published collections of writing, and as a Substance Abuse Counselor founded a progressive men’s residential recovery program. He’s Jubilee’s Minister of Ritual, Teaching, and Counseling, and if he ever finds the meaning of life, he hopes to die laughing as a result.
          Artist: Barrie Barton
          Website: http://standanddeliverasheville.com
         Community Choreography Project offers innovative and
         expressive work relevant to the human experience. Each
         projects is motivated and inspired by a theme that
         represents  a creative synthesis of the participant’s life,

         their collective stories and the community.

         By engaging in these story-choreography workshops and
         performances people experience the liberation of dormant
         creative potential, self- confidence, and an open door to
         the strength and profound notion of art and community.
         Artist: Laura Hope-Gill
         Website: www.thehealingseed.com
         Laura Hope-Gill is Director of the M.A. in Writing Program
         at Lenoir-Rhyne University in Asheville. An advocate for
         the value of stories in healthcare and healing, she launched
         the Narrative Healthcare Certificate Program in 2014 at
         Lenoir-Rhyne, which has seeded multiple narrative
         programs in hospitals across the country. In addition to
         writing, Laura paints, composes and improvises on piano,
         and takes care of six animals and her 13-year old amazing