Volunteer Crisis Response Advocates

Spring 2016 Training begins April 20th

Qualifications of an Advocate:

  • Understanding of sexual violence
  • Ability and willingness to listen and communicate with survivors
    of sexual violence
  • Evidence of good judgment in everyday relations with others
  • Ability to show concern and empathy for survivors
  • Reliability and responsibility
  • Ability to manage emotions and reactions to survivors’ stories
  • Patience with self and others in difficult situations
  • Ability to work with diverse populations


What Our VOICE Crisis Response Advocates Do:

Take crisis line calls during evening, weekend and holiday hours

  •       Assist callers in crisis
  •       Provide hospital accompaniment for sexual assault victims, their friends and family
  •       Provide client with appropriate referrals to community agencies, 211 or Our VOICE Client Services Coordinator
  •       Respond to hospital calls in teams of two whenever possible
  •       Provide to all victims of sexual assault information regarding options and procedures
  •       Know how to take emotional care of self and ask for help when needed
  •       Give options, not answers or advice = client empowerment

Complete 30 hour Training

  •       Pre-training interview and references required
  •       6, 3-hour sessions
  •       Includes homework outside of sessions—readings and activities
  •       Only 1 session may be missed and made up

On Call Shifts:  2 to 3 shifts each month

  •       Monday thru Thursday 5 pm to 9 am
  •       Friday 3 pm to 9 am
  •       Saturday and Sunday 9 am to 9 am
  •       Office Holidays 9 am to 9 am
  •       Respond to on-call calendar scheduling requests by15th of each month
  •       Responsible for finding coverage if not able to cover shift

Attend In-Service Meetings held 4 times a year

  •       Learn new policies, laws and current issues
  •       Guest presenters on special topics
  •       Share concerns and case examples with others
  •       Feel connected to the community of Our VOICE Advocates
  •       Mandatory attendance for minimum of  2 of 4 meetings

Report Client Contacts

  •       All calls and hospital accompaniments must be reported no later than 8:30 am the next business day
  •       Reports can be submitted in person or online.

 Requirements:  One-year commitment, reliable transportation, cell phone and internet. Minimum age: 20

Spring 2016 Training begins April 20th .  The training is 30 hours long (11 sessions with between session homework/readings) and covers all aspects of sexual violence, including medical procedures, law enforcement issues, and crisis intervention and mental health issues.

If you have any questions, please contact the Crisis Response/Volunteer Coordinator at (828) 252-0562.

Our VOICE Advocate Application 2015“>Fill out the Advocate Application form here.