Clothing Donations

One of the most valuable services that we offer is hospital accompaniment.  After a recent sexual assault, Our VOICE Victim Advocates will meet with the victim and their family in the emergency room to provide crisis counseling, resource information and support.   We also provide the victim with a change of clothing as their clothes are confiscated for forensic investigation.

 As a non-profit agency, we rely on the contributions of those in our community to assist us in being able to provide these valuable resources. 

 What we need:

Lightweight sweat pants/ lounge pants

Lightweight Shirts – short and long sleeves (please no white as these can be see-through)

 Clothing should be plain with no logos or images, new or gently used (if used, please launder first) and vary in size.

 All contributions are tax-deductible.  If you would like to make a donation, please contact Melanie, our Case Manager, at

 Thank you for helping your community by raising your voice against sexual violence!