Fall 2015 Men’s Counseling Group

mens group

This group is open to anyone who identifies as male and as having unwanted or abusive sexual experiences, recently or long ago. It will run for ten weeks on Thursday evenings beginning in mid-September, and is free with a one-time $20 administrative fee (which can be waived in cases of financial hardship). The group is closed, meaning participants must attend from the beginning and may not enter the group later in the process. The focus will be on trauma education, such as symptoms of PTSD and the prevalence of substance abuse, as well as lots of focus on coping skills. There will be some group discussion and sharing when appropriate, but intimate and detailed personal stories of abuse will not be shared. The group will be a safe space for participants to be in circle with others who share a similar history and pain.

Please call Papillon DeBoer at 252-0562 or email at PapillonD@ourvoicenc.org to get more information or join the group.