Own Who U R

Promoting Online Safety for Teens

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At Our VOICE, we want you to Own Who U R! 

The internet can be a powerful tool for finding resources and support systems, or just for staying connected with friends and family. However, it can also be tricky due to rampant misinformation and dangerous because of bullies or predators.


Did you know

…that you can’t assume that what you send online will remain private?  40% of teens and young adults say they have had a sexually suggestive message shown to them that was originally meant to be private?

…that once an image or text is in cyberspace, it stays there permanently?  Employers, teachers, friends, parents, and coaches all may be able to find your past posts or pictures…  even if you delete them?

…that nothing online is completely private?


Own Who U R empowers teens basic media literacy skills to critically evaluate how online content influences them. Furthermore, it provides greater awareness of how to manage online security and avoid potential threats.  

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