Climbing Toward Confidence

Climbing Toward Confidence is a program of Our VOICE that serves girls age 12-14.  This innovative after-school program brings rock climbing opportunities to girls who otherwise would not have access to climbing, and through that experience, builds confidence and strengthens voice.

Participants are paired with adult women mentors and together, they face their fears on the rock. Rock climbing benefits both the physical body and the mind; it contributes to fitness, fosters body awareness, and hones problem-solving skills. Through climbing, participants develop their sense of judgment and practice setting boundaries and making decisions.

Climbing Toward Confidence equips girls with both the practical skills to recognize and say no to risky or unwanted relationships, and the confidence and conviction that their bodies and identities are worth protecting.

If you are interested in volunteering as a Mentor, please contact Katie May at or call 828-252-0562 and ask to speak to Katie May.  You can also find us on Facebook.


At this time, we will be focusing on our Backpacking Brothers Program, check out the ‘Programs’ tab on the homepage for more information. Please look for future opportunities to support our Climbing Toward Confidence program.