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Raising Awareness and Empowering Participants to Confront Sexual Misconduct in All its Forms

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Our VOICE recognizes that to achieve culture changes throughout the community, it is necessary to provide a thorough understanding of sexual violence and strategies for confronting it. Community programs are available that address sexual harassment, improve understanding of gender dynamics, and outline ByStander Intervention techniques proven to reduce problem behaviors.


The Bar Outreach Project – One of our most popular offerings, this program provides vital knowledge about the threat of Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault (DFSA) for managers and Bar Staff and equips them with intervention techniques.


Ending Sexual Harassment in the Workplace – Drawing the line between flirting and harassment, this training is valuable for staff to understand their rights and supports management’s efforts to establish a safe and healthy work environment.


86 It: Ending Sexual Harassment in the Restaurant Industry – The restaurant industry is responsible for one of the highest rates of federal EEOC complaints. Service work inherently creates tricky power dynamics among staff and customers, but it is possible to unify a team around principles of respect and set expectations of clientele.


(Coming soon) The Gender Galaxy – People fear what they do not understand. With so few resources to learn about gender and sexuality, the faulty information about these vitally important issues has led to discrimination, hate speech, and violence… it forces Gender Non-Conforming (GNC) people into depression, isolation, and attempts of suicide at alarming rates. The Gender Galaxy is designed to honor the beliefs of all participants while clearing up confusion and promoting tolerance within every community.


Tailored Programs (fees may apply) – Leverage the combined expertise of Our VOICE staff to create an original program to suit the needs of your business, organization, agency, or group.