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Designed for Middle, High School, and College Students

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Our VOICE School & College programs are rooted in the belief that sexual violence is a cultural problem, stemming from systemic gender inequalities, oppression and stereotypes, media representations of men and women, homophobia, and a lack of accountability for perpetrators.

Less severe forms of sexual violence, such as sexist jokes or name-calling, are often seen as benign. At Our VOICE, we recognize that these behaviors condone and perpetuate more severe forms of sexual violence like rape. Our programs are aimed at questioning cultural norms, strengthening protective factors, challenging harmful attitudes, and exploring intervention strategies.


Shifting Boundaries – (Middle Grades) An evidence-based, multi-level prevention program for middle school students on bullying, sexual harassment, and precursors to dating violence. (4 sessions)


Consent Is Everything (Middle / High / College) – A research-informed, stand alone workshop exploring the difference between flirting and harassment, establishing and respecting personal boundaries, and active bystander intervention strategies.


Own Who U R – online safety – (Middle / High) – One of OV’s most sought after programs, this research-informed, stand alone workshop to improve critical media literacy of online content. Addressing the risks associated with sexting, cyber-bullying, and lax security habits, Own Who U R also empowers students with greater awareness of how to use the internet to find support and access resources.


CodeRED (College) – Early college years are commonly referred to as the “red zone” for likelihood of experiencing sexual assault. Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault (DFSA) is a common danger that can be avoided with greater awareness and empowerment of students with ByStander Intervention techniques.


(Coming soon) The Gender Galaxy (Middle / High / College) – People fear what they do not understand. With so few resources to learn about gender and sexuality, the faulty information about these vitally important issues has led to discrimination, hate speech, and violence… it forces Gender Non-Conforming (GNC) youth into depression, isolation, and attempts of suicide at alarming rates. The Gender Galaxy is designed to honor the beliefs of all participants while clearing up confusion and promoting tolerance within every community.


If these program offerings don’t meet the specific needs of your student population, Our VOICE can modify them or even tailor an original program specially designed for your group.

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