Counseling Groups

Healing Together through Support

Support groups at Our VOICE  are intended to unite individuals who are dealing with the after-effects of sexual violence. These groups focus on coping skills and other strategies for everyday life. It is often helpful to meet other people dealing with similar issues to receive support, but also to encourage each other and share strategies for healthy living.


Trans/GenderQueer/Nonbinary Group
Monday evenings held at Tranzmission.  A collaboration between OV and Tranzmission. Poppy & his co-facilitator is Cole Armbrust, a trauma-informed non-binary LCSW.
Screenings required.

Healing Journey for Female Identified Individuals (open-ended group)

Wednesday 3:30-5pm  Meets at Land of Sky United Congregational
15 Overbrook Place Asheviile
Screening for initial group
SoulCollage Workshops
Tuesday August 7th & August 15 3:30-6:30 at FJC
RSVP to Rebecca ext. 110


1 in 6 – A Men’s Program 

To learn more about men’s groups, click HERE.

In the fall 

Female identified closed processing group
Male identified closed processing group
Soul Collage closed group
Continuous open group for female identified survivors

For specific details regarding groups in progress and future groups, please call us at (828)-252-0562.