Counseling Groups

Healing Together through Support

Support groups at Our VOICE  are intended to unite individuals who are dealing with the after-effects of sexual violence. These groups focus on coping skills and other strategies for everyday life. It is often helpful to meet other people dealing with similar issues to receive support, but also to encourage each other and share strategies for healthy living. 


Women & Non-Binary Survivors Group

An 8-week support group for women and non-binary survivors focused on the healing process from sexual trauma. The purpose of this group is to provide a space for survivors to support one another, learn together, and build community. This is  a closed group and is not currently accepting new members.


A group for Our VOICE clients who would like to incorporate imagery and metaphor in the healing process. This process helps us tap into our internal wisdom, connect with our support systems, and deepen our abilities to work with stressors, triggers, and traumas. The group enables us to do this is in a safe space, where we can experience connection with, and feel witnessed by, others. Please contact Rebecca L. Withrow at 828-252-0562 ext 110 to learn more and/or get started.