Employment Opportunities

Request for Proposals (RFP) for Grant Writing 

Our VOICE, Inc. requests proposals for a grant writer to provide ongoing grant writing services and proposal/application support to Our VOICE, Inc. on a contractual basis. Proposals will be considered from both firms and individuals.

Organizational Overview

Our VOICE, Inc.  is a non-profit crisis intervention and prevention agency which serves victims of sexual violence and human trafficking, age 13 through adult, in Buncombe County. Our mission is “To inspire hope and healing while ending sexual violence and human trafficking through education, counseling and advocacy.”  The agency was founded in 1974 as an all-volunteer grassroots organization. The agency remained underground until August 1983 when we received our 501(c)(3) status as a non-profit agency and the first employee was hired. Now, 45 years and considerable growth later, Our VOICE employs over 20 paid staff and over 50 volunteers, working both to prevent future acts of sexual violence and to support the healing of survivors of sexual violence and human trafficking.  

Scope of Work 

 Our VOICE, Inc.’s grant portfolio currently includes grant funds from local, state, and federal funders (governmental and non-governmental), corporate entities, private charitable foundations, and family foundations. The contracted work will include grant proposal/application for renewals of our existing grants and the identification and proposal development for new sources of funding.  Our VOICE, Inc. is seeking a grant writer or firm with a proven track record in writing successful complex proposals from diverse funding sources; skills in demographic data collection and analysis; and an entrepreneurial approach to fund development. Previous experience working in the anti-sexual violence and human trafficking landscape with an understanding of the oppressions that allow these forms of violence to exist. The Grant Writer will work closely with the Executive Director and Director of Philanthropy, who is charged with the implementation of the resource development plan. Our VOICE, Inc. seeks a qualified individual, group of professionals, or organization to produce the following deliverables: 

  1. Writing grant proposals/applications for renewal of existing grants as well as new sources of funding;
  2. Understanding and actively engaging in the successful implementation of Our VOICE, Inc.’s grants management calendar;
  3. Management of annual renewal grant process and grants calendar; 
  4.  Ongoing Grant prospect research (grant writer will receive support from management and programs); 
  5. Consistent and clear communication with management about grant prospects, proposal and reporting requirements, and deadlines;
  6.  Regular collection and analysis of demographic and other important program-related data to enhance and advance the Our VOICE, Inc.’s needs statement and proposals;
  7. Development and maintenance of grant templates and materials;
  8. Professional and confidential management of grant records, organizational documents, and data; and
  9. Must use and adhere to Our VOICE’s philosophical and ethical standards.

Hours dedicated to the project can range between 10-40 hours per month, depending on the grant cycle. 

RFP Schedule 

The Project is expected to proceed as indicated below: 

Request for Proposals Posted Tuesday, December 3, 2019 

Proposals Due Sunday, December 15, 2019 

Interviews & Selection Third week of December 2019 

Project Begins January 2020 (or earlier) 

Submission Requirements

 All Proposals are limited to ten (10) pages total and must include: 

  1. A cover letter to the attention of Angelica R. Wind
  2. A narrative explaining the experience and qualifications of the firm (if applicable) or individual applicant, including the resume of the principal grant writer providing direct service for this project. The narrative and resume should detail the applicant’s experience in writing and submitting government, corporate, private foundation grants. The narrative should include at a minimum the following: 
  3. Types of organizations to which the applicant has provided services and examples of programs supported by grant writing services
  4. Examples of grant sources from which the applicant has successfully obtained funding (provide specific examples of grant programs, government agencies, or foundations, amounts, and purposes of grants) 
  5. Clear demonstration of applicant’s knowledge of and experience with demographic data. Some metrics regarding success rates or dollar amounts raised. If relevant, clear demonstration of applicant’s knowledge of and experience working with survivors of sexual violence, communities of color and 
  6. An excerpt from a successful grant written by the applicant that is representative of his/her/their writing style. The excerpt should not exceed 1 page and should not contain any confidential or proprietary information. 
  7. An outline of proposed fees 
  8. A minimum of two (2) references from clients where the applicant has successfully performed similar work 
  9. Proposals must be submitted by 5:00 p.m. on Sunday, December 15, 2019 in one PDF file to Angelica R. Wind (angelicaw@ourvoicenc.org). Proposals not meeting the criteria outlined in the RFP will not be considered. 

Compensation and Contract Award 

Fees outline should be an all-inclusive and structured as an hourly fee. Applicant must provide a detailed price breakdown. The cost will be based on the projected hours of work provided. Contractor will invoice and be paid on a monthly basis. Further terms of compensation will be negotiated with the selected application.

 RFP Questions and Responses 

All questions pertaining to this proposal must be made in writing by emailing Angelica R. Wind, Executive Director at AngelicaW@ourvoicenc.org or PO Box 1114, Asheville, NC 28802 or 828-252-0562 X 100.